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Pilates Chair ? Should You Get One?

The Pilates chair has gained notoriety over the past decade as an efficient and effective way to get and stay fit.
By “fit” I don’t just mean aerobically fit…Pilates chairs can also help you achieve a level of strength and flexibility which would be hard to attain by any other means. They work for men and women and speaking as a total Pilates fanatic myself I can thoroughly recommend that you – DO – check out getting a Pilates chair.

Pilates Chair – Buying One…

However only consider buying one of these chairs if you are serious about taking your fitness to the next level…
I say this because Pilates chairs are not cheap – well the genuine “built to last ones aren’t anyway. I’m talking primarily here about the Stott Pilates chair and of course the Malibu Pilates chair. That said and being the proud owner of the former  – I am pleased to report that they will return your investment many times over if you measure profit in terms of general good health, fitness and ease of movement.

Pilates chair…hard to beat?

Personally I am sure that Joseph Pilates would approve of how his original “contrology” has evolved into what countless disciples know as Pilates today. I’m also certain that he would heartily approve of anything that encouraged and facilitated it’s proper practice. To this end in my humble opinion if you’re looking for the first and foremost – supreme item of Pilates equipment then you wont find anything better than the Pilates Chair.


Stott Pilates Chair Stott Pilates Chair with Split-Pedal Stability & Handles

Read what people are saying on Amazon about this incredible piece of Pilates equipment…

“I own a Stott Pilates chair and a Stott SPX reformer, and I adore both of them. The chair was my first purchase, because it was less expensive and required less room. When I want a hardcore Pilates workout, I choose the chair. Because there is less room for support (the seat versus the bed of the reformer), the chair requires more core strength for correct execution of the practice. Even the footwork is harder on the chair! Personally I would not get a Pilates chair without having had formal Pilates apparatus training or at least watching some professional Pilates DVDs. If you have had reformer or chair lessons, though, this is a great piece of home equipment.”

Best Pilates Chair Ever ?…

” A great investment for your home gym. Works all hard to target areas better than any other equipment I’ve ever tried!” This is especially true however when it comes to targeting the hard to reach core abdominal muscles. I don’t know what I would do now without this amazing Pilates exercise chair“.

Pilates Chair – Focus on a Full Body Workout…

“While stability Pilates chair workouts typically focus on the legs and torso, the Stott split-pedal chair is adjustable to train other muscle groups as well, including arms, back, chest, and more. As a result, users can achieve upper- and lower-body strength and conditioning during every Pilates workout. Plus, the chair’s smaller base of support and dual pedals allow for bilateral, unilateral, and reciprocal movements, helping improve stability and overall balance. And to facilitate lunges and dips, the chair’s fully adjustable handles attach and detach easily and lock securely. Other features include a double-steel frame for increased durability and stability, a spring-tension design that adjust quickly with a unique hook-on system for a quick interchange, ultra-soft foam pedals, smooth-rolling wheels for transport, and a seat that measures 23.5 inches wide by 15 inches deep”. If you want something that’s built to last – get the Stott Pilates chair.

Wunda Pilates Chair – Main Features

  • Ergonomically & classically sized and designed.
  • Non-slip padded single step.
  • Pedal Stopper which is removable and padded. This limits the pedals range of motion in different positions.
  • Spring changes are simple, safe and fast with the Exclusive Cactus Resistance System which features the innovative spring tree.

Wunda Pilates Chair – Re-designed

The Wunda Chair System has been redesigned so that it’s even easier to use, sturdier, expandable and more comfortable. It now has four positions for each spring, this Pilates chair offers the right resistance for every user and level of ability. You can start with a basic Wunda Chair, then add optional handles and a High Back later as your programs progress. Built from premium maple-faced hardwood laminate.

Pilates Chair With High Back…

You can usually order a Maple “High Back” with your chair, or fit it later. This comprises an upholstered padded seat and foot alignment plate. This addition is available only if you have cut-out handles on your Wunda Pilates chair.

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